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Picking the right bat for me

Choosing a bat is always an exciting time for cricketers and often referred to as being better than Christmas day. But how do you know you’re picking the right bat for you? There are key factors to look at when thinking about the right bat. Is it the right size? How do I know what the right weight it? What the pick up like? Where do I want the middle to be?

The Size

There are clearly plenty of things to take into consideration and it could look daunting, but is there anything better than looking and picking up bat after bat after bat. So to start, get the right size. Sizes are roughly organised by your height which can be shown in the guide below.                                                                      

Once you figure out your size, more so for junior players, you should look at your physical strength. It’s very common to find a junior player with a bat that is just simply far too heavy for them and can hinder their learning, development and success by not being able to play as many shots and fatiguing early. Therefore many coaches and bat makers now would recommend the size below to ensure freedom with their hands when the player is batting.

The Middle

Once you have the size you’re looking for, it can come down to where you want the middle or the swell of the bat to be. This being where you want the biggest part of the bat to be, which tends to be the type of batter you are as well as the type of wickets you play on.

The Weight and Pickup

The weight and pick up can come hand in hand. In the simplest of terms, the heavier the bat the heavier it feels when you pick it up in your batting stance, but some bats do pick up lighter than expected due to the balance of the bat and where the bulk of the wood is. With this in mind, it would be recommended you go and pick up a bat before buying it off the shelf.

Once you have gone through all of these, it then just becomes a case of what the ball feels like off the bat, is there a nice “ping” to it when you are hitting the ball.