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How to look after your bat

So, you have finally managed to find the right bat for you, it is time to take it home and get it ready for the season. We get two frequently asked questions a CF cricket, Should I use my bat straight away? How much time and effort do I need to put into getting it right? A cricket bat is effectively the most important tool in anyone’s kit bag and the better you care for your bat, the longer the life expectancy.

Oiling your bat

A good way to increase the life span of you bat is to apply linseed oil, this will prevent the wood from drying out and going brittle. Too much oil though can hinder the performance of the wood by damaging the fibres of the wood through too much moisture.

So we recommend that you:

  • Apply 2-3 coats of around a teaspoon at a time. 
  • Use a dry cloth to apply
  • Lie horizontal out of sunlight in between coats for at least 24hrs

Knocking in

Knocking in your bat is an easy and simple way to increase durability and life span, especially when you first take home your new bat. All you need is a bat mallet which can be purchased at most sport or cricket shops, or use and old cricket ball in a sock.

At CF, bats are pressed as much as we can to make sure the performance of the bat is almost good to go without making them too hard. However, a little bit of time knocking in always helps, which will just compress and bind the fibres of the bat to increase that life span and help surface cracks too.

Bat Face

Bat faces are a personal preference for players, mostly due to the aesthetics of the bat and being able to see the wood naturally. What a bat face does do though is just increase the resistance of the wood, meaning less surface early on and keeps the wood together for longer. As well as this it can also just maintain the moisture level of the mood.