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Fundraiser Club – Winter 2021 – 2022

The winter is always an interesting time for cricket clubs, some shut the doors for a few months, others try to stay active with their bar facilities, both are always trying to make money. Were here to help that, that’s why we are offering any club to come on board with our fundraiser club initiative.

For every purchase with your club code, your club will receive cash back on every single order.

Your club will have 30% to play with, split between discounts and cash back on all orders put through with your specific Club code.

For example:

20% Discount

Heritage Broadside

£295 RRP

£240 Sold

10% Cash back of £240

Club makes £24

At Charlie French we would encourage you to push the code around your club as much as possible, the more players buy, the more money the club earns.

If you wish to hear more simply email,